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  • Derric Hicks

Runners can't escape winter

It was a great weekend in Split, Croatia with our Sarajevo Running Club. Many of the runners used this race as their official kick-off to the 2018 racing season. It has been challenging to keep running over the winter, but it was definitely easier to do so with so many running mates to keep each other committed.

Freezing weather and high winds replaced the previous day's sunny and warm weather.

It was a difficult course in Split. On Saturday, the day before the race, it was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the upper 50s. However, on race day, winter returned to Split. At the start time, it was below freezing with high winds and blowing snow. It was the first snow in Split in over 6 years!

As our group met together before the race, we looked more like a group of emperor penguins huddling together to stay warm.

Even though the conditions were challenging, there were still some in our group who beat their own personal records! It was fun to see the runners celebrating the successes of their peers. Our Sarajevo Running Club is a fun and motivating group to be a part of. There are so many different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities represented, but it’s a strong and united group. If you are looking to conquer personal goals, it’s certainly better to do it as a member of a pack. “ As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.”

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