Skills Training Coaches


Coach Craig Allen 

Soccer Skills

Craig has been a coach for over 30 years. His commitment to passing his knowledge and expertise to future generations has been fueled by his own experiences as a youth soccer player and his deep affection and passion for the game. 

Coach Garrett Dean

Soccer Skills

Former standout for the Dallas Texans Soccer Club and Bradley University Braves, Garrett excels in working with athletes who are beginners as well as young veterans.  

Coach Ajaé Dewitt-Davis

Strength, Speed, Agility and Conditioning Skills

All around athlete, Ajaé played college football in California and North Carolina before he began working with youth in Oklahoma. His passion is for growing the next generation into well-rounded athletes and adults.  


Jackson Morris

Baseball Skills

Played club baseball and then attended Abilene Christian, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M and finished college by playing 3 years at UTA. With years of experience, Jackson can teach the fundamentals of the game as well as the mental aspect of high level competition.

Coach Eric Herrstrom

Basketball Skills

Coach Eric Herrstrom has played basketball all his life. Coach Eric's desire is to develop your child's ability as an athlete, build self-confidence and enforce self-worth. Coach Eric seeks to ensure every player he trains is mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared to tackle any obstacle on the court and in life.  

Coach Katrina Parlin

Basketball Skills

Coach Katrina Parlin literally eats sleeps and breathes sports. Whether its basketball, volleyball or strength and conditioning, Katrina is a true professional that applies a holistic approach to training body, mind and spirit. 


Thomas Schroeder

Baseball - Pitching/Catching Skills

Shroder played at Arizona Western College, UT Arlington, and Oklahoma Baptist. His relatable spirit and desire to see kids excel makes him a coach that can improve any young athlete's game. 

Coach Mikel Ray

Basketball Skills

For 14 years Coach Mikel's calling and purpose has been coaching. Coach Mikel is not as concerned with winning as he is with ensuring every player is 100% mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared to leave everything on the court. Coach Mikel lives this philosophy in life and on the court. 

Coaches Training


One World Sports Association takes coaching seriously. We believe our coaches are the keys to the success of the entire program. All One World Sports Association coaches have been approved after a comprehensive background check. Our coaches are also submitted to our proprietary coach's training material. We take the safety of your children seriously. We take the fundamentals of our program seriously. And we take the expectations of the behavior of players, coaches, and parents seriously. W


One World Sports Association initially asks coaches the most fundamental question?

Why do you coach?

The most common answers are: "To give back, to spend time with my kids, I love the sport" But during games and practices, the coach's behavior quickly reveals winning is the real reason.

There is nothing wrong with winning. But if winning is the only goal, the real point of playing sports for the child has been lost.


One World Sports Association takes the time to require coaches to be trained to recognize a game time and/or a training time situation where a SPORTS LIFE and TRUTH lesson can be taught. Many leagues and programs reinforce a compartmentalized approach to playing sports. One World Sports Association believes youth sports provides a dress-rehearsal for real-life. We seek to decompartmentalize sports and life where a coach has the tools and training to take a situation on the court or the field and teach a LIFE- lesson moment based on a real-life TRUTH. This approach to coaching is what sets One World Sports Association apart from other leagues. By providing coaches with the tools and training, your child will gain not only athletic skills and agility to perform successfully at the given sport. But he/she will also gain the confidence and tools to successfully maneuver and adjust to the realities and challenges of adolescence.