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Performance coaching

Together make “the world of sports” a better place to gather!

Nethanja de Waard

Personal Trainer - in- and outdoor group trainer - running trainer - online coach

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Performance coaching is a form of coaching to help athletes work towards a specific goal in needs of their sports. This can be done with different tools like strength, plyometric, ballistic, speed and agility training. All tools can be a good form in order to become a more robust and resilient athlete and could help you improve your sport performance. Your sport training will always be on the first place to help you improve your sport performance, but if your goal is to become stronger and/or faster to improve your performance, you will need to put in some extra effort and work in these areas to reach these goals. One World Sports the Netherlands can help you improve your performance through Personal Performance Coaching. The coaching can be held in a personal setting in the gym, outdoors in a park, playground, forest, sportsfield or even online where you would workout from home or backyard.

If you are interested in Performance Coaching, please contact us 
to see how we can help you.

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