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Nutritional Coaching

Together make “the world of sports” a better place to gather!

Nethanja de Waard

Personal Trainer - in- and outdoor group trainer - running trainer - online coach


Nutrition is such a key thing if we want to perform on a daily basis, we simply need “fuel to keep our motor going”.
We need nutrition to keep our bodies performing on a daily basis. Many nutrition books have been written, the internet is full of information and there is a massive amount of scientific data available on nutrition. Still lots of people struggle with how to “eat healthy” and not “too much”. We tend to know what is healthy food and yet we have a difficult time eating “healthy”. When something is that simple it doesn’t mean it’s easy. There is more to it than just “eating healthy”. Especially if you are an athlete, what and when you eat can make a big difference for your performance. And what if you struggle for such a long time with those extra kilo’s and you have tried every diet and nothing works? Or on weekdays you can control your food intake, but during the weekend it’s so hard to find a good balanc......? Eating becomes then so much more than just fuel for your body.

Nutritional Coaching from One World Sports the Netherlands can help you get aware of how to properly fuel your body for performance, how to lose those couple of extra kilo’s, how to make smart food choices based on your goals, how to feel satiated and satisfied, that it is OK to not always eat ‘healthy” and how to deal with social occasions.

If you are interested in Nutritional Coaching, please contact us to see how we can help you.

St. “One World Sport Association” Nederland | Nicolaas Beetslaan 37,1187 AJ Amstelveen, Netherlands

Fiscaal nummer (RSIN): 8623.04.040 | KVK-nummer: 82011354 | Mob: +31 681362398 | E-mail:

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