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Group Training

Together make “the world of sports” a better place to gather!

Nethanja de Waard

Personal Trainer - in- and outdoor group trainer - running trainer - online coach

Group training is a fun and social way of working out together in a small or bigger group of people. There are many forms of group training like bootcamp and running training and online group training

Bootcamp is a form of group training in parks, playgrounds and in the forest where you mix strength exercises (bodyweight and/or with equipment) with cardio/running exercises in all kinds of forms. Depending on your level of fitness, the exercises can be adjusted for everybody so that everybody is able to have a good and nice training.

Running is a form of training usually done by people individually, but running in a group is more fun and can be challenging as well. In the running training from One World Sports we make a difference between beginners and advanced runners. In the running training we teach you about good running form and technique. After a proper warming-up, we challenge you to get the maximum out of your running training in the group, but we also provide running programs for your individual training sessions.

Online group training has become “the way” during the corona lockdown to get together as a group of people and train together via different online platforms (like Zoom, Teams, Google Hangout for example). The online group training can have different focuses like: Hiit, strength training, cardio and strength mixed, etc. It is a fun way to keep in touch, workout together and stay motivated to keep working out.

If you are interested in our group training, please contact us to see how we can help you.

St. “One World Sport Association” Nederland | Nicolaas Beetslaan 37,1187 AJ Amstelveen, Netherlands

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