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  • Derric Hicks

Walking through this valley of shadows

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

This has been an emotional first quarter with many "firsts" for everyone. What was being projected as one of the most prosperous years our country, our markets, our communities and our businesses were expected to achieve came crashing down with the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you believe it's a hoax, a conspiracy, or an overreaction by the media, the reality is the effects are substantial.

Similarly, my January 2020 was riddled with excitement, fear and anticipation for many "firsts". The planning and launching of our first youth soccer league, planning a trip to Israel to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon, launching a Wefunder crowd-funding campaign for my software business, and navigating our daughter Savannah's senior year of high school. In one way or another, all these plans have been altered. It's a bitter reminder of just how little control we have of our lives and futures.

However, with only a week into this "valley of shadows", I'm reminded of how the journey can be just as remarkable as the destination. I'm seeing and hearing story after story of how communities are coming together to help one another and families are using this time to reconnect with many of life's simple joys: playing a card game as a family, taking a walk with your kids or spouse, going to the park, actually remembering how fun it can be to cook and that you're actually quite good at it! Yes, treading through darkness does help you appreciate the ever-so-slight glimmers of happiness.

Once on the other side of this season, and it is only a season; I hope we don't so quickly forget the journey each of us gained. As a friend once said, we shouldn't always be so quick to pray away the situation, rather we should pray our way through the situation.

The leaders and families of One World Sports Association are committed to praying our way through COVID-19. It's our hope you and your family remain safe, use this time of uncertainty to make new friends, build new relationships, be gracious for the journey you're on, and remember to give thanks for the opportunity to experience all the emotions, seasons and surprises our world and this life has to offer.

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