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Why One World Sports?

Sports is a dress rehearsal for real life. One World Sports Association established its youth sports program for kids in K-6 grade to build confidence, inspire competition and promote school spirit through sports within select organizations around the D/FW metroplex. One World Sports Association seeks to inspire kids to play with passion, creativity and excellence. We train coaches to use a healthy competitive approach to reinforce confidence for every child on the team, regardless of ability, gender, race or religion. Character is instilled when integrity, excellence and sportsmanship are demonstrated by the coaches as our foundation for instruction.

Your children will learn age-appropriate skills, develop technical abilities and increase over-all athletic performance.

  • One World is connected to the local community.

  • One World provides a global reach for cross-cultural exchange opportunities.

  • One World seeks to use situations in sports to teach valuable life lessons.​

  • One World offers a turn-key league opportunity for schools, organizations and churches to compete against one another in select sports.

One World Sports Association does not  currently have any sports leagues planned for 2022.

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