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The Netherlands Staff

Together make “the world of sports” a better place to gather!

Miljenko Bojcic


At this moment

I live with my wijfe Nethanja and three children in Amstelveen, a town on the border with Amsterdam in Holland.

I work as a head soccer coach with youth coaches and with children aged 07 to 11 years at the local soccer club Roda23 .

My soccer career

As a 10 year old I dreamed of becoming a professional football player. I started playing at a local level and in my early 20`s I got a chance to play international.

Playing football on three different continents, building personal and cross-cultural relationships through sports, helped me to have a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

My contribution to society

I think everyone has a Right to dream. Now as a football coach in Amstelveen in the Netherlands I'm working on the transformation of society through the world of sports by modeling a ”Growth mindset”, a new process-based development purpose, pursuing joy, love and hope."
I strive to give our coaches, players of different backgrounds, the best possible development experiences and to give them chance of reaching their maximum potential  through education, soccer and most importantly in developing their character to the fullest with a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures. 

By believing, growing and doing I want to focus on developing and serving coaches to become 3D coaches so that they can develop to their fullest.

St. “One World Sport Association” Nederland | Nicolaas Beetslaan 37,1187 AJ Amstelveen, Netherlands

Fiscaal nummer (RSIN): 8623.04.040 | KVK-nummer: 82011354 | Mob: +31 681362398 | E-mail:

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