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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Jeremy and Ann, along with their 4 children (Gabe, Caleb, Madelyn, Lily) and dog Jack, now consider Bosnia home. if you know the Greenwich's, you'll agree, they are one of the most precious family's you'll ever meet. If you haven't met them, then I invite you to join us on one of the 3-4 trips OWSA takes every year to Bosnia.

The only requirement is a desire to travel and plug into Jeremy and Ann's daily lives. You will gain the perspective of what it truly means to live your life for Jesus. Through every aspect of their lives, they intentionally live every day in the way in which Jesus calls each of us to live. They live "everyday" as followers of Jesus, not just on Sunday's.

Ways to support the Greenwich's:
1. PRAYER - Commit to pray for them on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.
- Pray for the relationships they have made and those that are to be made.
- Pray for protection from spiritual warfare they might be exposed to in their jobs, school,
family life, the kids lives, and Jeremy and Ann's marriage.
- Pray for Jeremy and Ann to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's direction in their church plant ministry as well as their jobs and home purchase situation.

As the Greenwich's seek to deepen their roots into Bosnian life, they are seeking the Lord's direction to purchase a home. As American's living in Bosnia, they do not have an option to finance or obtain mortgages in Bosnia. This means they will need to have $250k - $300k in cash to purchase a home. They are in the very early process of planning. They have a portion of the funds raised and with the generosity of donors and existing financial supporters, they are well on their way to achieving this financial goal. This is a very big commitment and decision, but they confidently feel this is direction God is leading them in. Pray that they continue to receive confirmation as they travel down the home ownership journey and that God provides the perfect home in the perfect location and perfect neighborhood.

2. TRAVEL - Another way you can support the Greenwich's is to travel and spend some time with them. You can visit with one of our team trips or just as an individual or couple. The Greenwich's are willing to accommodate guests/visitors just about any time of year.

3. GIVE - Financial support can be accommodated through the OWSA website by going to the DONATE page and selecting Bosnia & Herzegovina as the designation.
One World Sports Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

+387 63 393 198

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