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Ride for Reconciliation


What's the

Ride for Reconciliation?

When someone hears the word

"reconciliation", most people immediately

think of a broken relationship; and we all

have one too many of those.

This is what the Ride for Reconciliation

is all about. Whether it's asking for

forgiveness or offering forgiveness.

We want to ask you to be bold enough to

take that first step to reconciliation.


Asking for and offering forgiveness is a freeing experience and One World Sports Association believes the world could use more forgiveness and reconciliation. So come Ride for Reconciliation with us and make this ride your first step to forgiveness and reconciliation.     

Two Friends Biking
Friendly Hug
Friends Taking Selfie
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The Ride for Reconciliation benefits Alliance for Children room make-over project. The Room Makeover Project transforms a child's space, typically their bedroom, and allows the child to heal from memories of past abuse.


The Ride for Reconciliation benefits One World Sports Association youth sports leagues. OWSA is a 501c3 non-profit local youth sports league. Our leagues focus on training our coaches to use moments in sports to teach life lessons. 


The Ride for Reconciliation benefits No More Violence. NMV seeks opportunities to influence individuals and communities through concrete actions that express a message of peace, justice and love. 

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